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Hey Petal! 

So you're ready to get started and sign up as a Travel Agent!


There really is no better time to jump onto the travel boom and build your own business as an independent travel agent.

There's a link further down this page to 'get started'. You'll need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure the UK flag is selected (top right corner).

  • Go to YOUR PRODUCT...

  • and click LEARN MORE.

  • Scroll down and click PURCHASE NOW.

  • Then scroll down and click PURCHASE NOW again.

  • Make sure the country selected is the UK

  • Fill in all the details and then click submit.

  • Please note for your DOB this will need to be entered in US format (MM/DD/YYY)

  • Enter your NI number - This is not for tax purposes, it is purely to be used as a unique reference number to enable you to get paid your travel agent commission.



Ready? Click 'Join Now' below and follow the steps:

That’s it! So excited for you!! Let me know when it’s all gone through and I’ll check it's all ok on my end. I’ll then send across the welcome email to you and all the next steps to getting you started 🥰
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